Security Intercom


• No limit to the number of users, riser columns, switchboards and conversations

• Optical-fibre-ready

• Integration with access controls system, switchboards, anti-intrution systems, video surveillance and intercom systems

• Self-diagnostic system for checking system state

• Elekta dedicated entry panels : state-of-the-art communication function and two variants : vandal-proof and soft-touch


IPervoice is the first digital, all-CAT5 system, with IP-compatible external wiring and dedicated riser protocol. With unlimited extension and number of riser columns, IPervoice is the ideal system for simplifying installation in residential compounds with a high number of users. Needs may also extremely varied in such large systms, and IPervoice has all the answers. Extremely versatile, it manages integrated access control, technological systems (CCTV, intrusion alarms, fire alarms) and many other functions, all from the video door phone system.

IPervoice : Urmet research and innovation brings you a solution just waiting to be discovered. IPervoice CAT5 wiring means that a single cable is userd for the entire backbone. By exploiting IP technology, several audio and video communications can be established at the same time













IPervoice : single type of wiring for residential compound with many buildings (each of which with its one garage door and pedestrian entrance), several concierge desks, common guarded areas with which audio/video communications can be established (garage, park, pool).


Optical fibre can be used for special situations (distance higher than 100 metres or passage in conduits with power cables) in the IPervoice system : this make system extension virtually unlimited.

Self-diagnostic funtions

IPervoice constantly monitors the state of all system peripherals : the switchboard is immediately signalled in case of faults. The signals can be sent to a remote destination, for calling – for example – assistance and providing a more effective, punctual service.


• Access control

The system integrates access control with event memory for monitoring all movements at all entrances.

• Switchboards

With IPervoice the concierge desk is turned into a service centre connected to all the buildings and apartments.

• Intrusion alarm

The intrusion alarm of each apartment interfaces with the system for better monitoring and continuous surveillance of the concierge.

• Video surveillance

No limit of installable cameras, which can be monitored at all times from each apartment to supervise safety of the compound.

• Intercom function

Top quality communications inside and outside of the apartment:

- Up to 16 devices in each apartment, constantly interfacing, without using the riser column

- Possibility of communicating with all other users in the system and with the various manned stations in common areas.

• Video door phone mailbox

Each user can exploit the audio/video mailbox containing messages left by visitors when they were away.

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