GE’s range of transformers are characterized by proven technology, application flexibility, lower installationcost, operating efficiency and environmental acceptability

Advanced design of the winding assembly establishes superior performance to meet today’s exacting needs. Indoors or out, they are designed for use in the most demanding and diverse environments and in all applications requiring reliable electrical power.


Wave Cast

Dry-type Power Transformers

Wave Cast coil transformers from GE are characterized by proven technology, application flexibility, lower installation cost, operating efficiency and environmental acceptability

Features and Specs

Mechanical strength : Because of the strong protection provided by the vacuum cast epoxy encapsulated coils, Wave Cast transformers are stronger than either liquid or ventilated dry-type transformers

Impervious to adverse atmospheric conditions : Unlike ventilated dry-type transformers and in a manner similar to liquid fi lled transformers, GE Cast Coil transformers are optimal for application in harsh environments

Suitability for simple indoor installations : Unlike the case with liquid fi lled transformers, indoor installations do not require an automatic fi re extinguishing system or fi re vault, oil checking or replacing, or a liquid confi nement area

Extended ratings : GE cast coil transformers can be provided with the highest self-cooled and fan-cooled extended ratings of any transformers in their size class


Tough epoxy provides the strength.

| Wave Cast vacuum cast windings are highly engineered components, requiring specific expertise in electrical, material, thermal and mechanical engineering. The process of measuring, mixing, heating and vacuum casting materials into the windings is equally critical.

Cast coils are solid vacuum cast with epoxy resin compound

| The epoxy is applied under vacuum to hermetically seal the windings in a highly durable epoxy. Quartz filler is included, which provides increased viscosity to the resin, better impregnation and increased capability to withstand short circuits.

Process control ensures that the coils are void-free

| and prevents partial discharges within the resin material or cracking of the epoxy over a wide range of ambient and operating temperatures.
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The principal advantage of solid vacuum cast construction

| is that the cast coils seal out harmful fumes, air and moisture, preventing them from entering the windings. The solid cast transformer achieves a maximum degree of resin impregnation during the casting process.


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